Mustang to join Tjin RoadShow


Webasto Product North America, a global, tier-one automotive and aftermarket equipment manufacturer, announced that in January 2013, the student-built vehicle it introduced in its booth at this year’s SEMA Show, will begin a nationwide tour with the Tjin Edition RoadShow. The 2013 Ford Mustang GT is the stunning byproduct of a collaborative effort that brought together top aftermarket equipment brands with students from the Baker College of Flint – Center for Transportation Technology.
From inception, the goal of the project was to develop the vehicle as a classroom-learning tool for students engaged in Baker College’s Auto Body and Automotive Service Technology curriculum. Baker is a national-level provider of high-quality service and restyling technicians for the automotive industry.
“We envisioned this initiative as an opportunity to showcase the skill and creativity of the automotive industry’s youth,” Josh Lupu, marketing manager for Webasto North America, said. “The project has put top manufacturers in touch with the future of the industry and has energized everyone in the process.”
Students from Baker’s Auto Body, Automotive Service and Welding & Automotive Restoration Programs each had a chance to contribute to the art and science behind the remarkable final product, and there was plenty of work to go around. The vehicle’s exterior modifications include a Webasto Hollandia 322L power sunroof, Roush body kit, Revelare Design cowl hood, 3dCarbon rear spoiler and a custom grabber blue and midnight grey paint job – all set off by iForged Legacy V2 wheels with Falken Azenis FK453 tires.
Katzkin leather seats and MRT Hi-Tech FX carbon fiber trim panels adorn the Mustang’s interior, while a Paxton Novi 2200-SL supercharger with a competition air inlet add extra muscle under the hood. The Pedders adjustable coil-over suspension system and Baer six-piston front and rear brakes bring first-rate control capabilities and stopping confidence to the package.
“This project was a great combination of practical experience and immediate gratification,” Dan Trahey, auto body and welding program director at Baker College Flint, said. “Our students’ craftsmanship got plenty of accolades at SEMA, and Neil Tjin’s decision to take the vehicle on his RoadShow tour validated the effort on every level.”
Tjin has long been recognized as one of the automotive industry’s most influential designers. The Tjin Edition RoadShow will display the customized Mustang at select events it will stage nationwide in 2013. Exposure from the tour will put the vehicle and the Baker College students’ craftsmanship in front of thousands of automotive aftermarket consumers and enthusiasts.
Those who inspect the RoadShow vehicle will also note the MRT After-Cat H-pipe, Interceptor axle back exhaust, Hi-Tech FX carbon fiber under-hood accents, JLT oil separator, Blow By Racing custom PCM calibration and Drew Technologies DashDAQ performance monitor.
“Bringing industry and academics together on initiatives like this is not only good corporate citizenship – it’s smart business,” Tjin said. “The students of today will become the certified technicians and aftermarket artisans of tomorrow, and that ultimately benefits everyone involved.”