If you see a pink Cadillac or car of similar hue, you immediately know this belongs to someone associated with the Mary Kay cosmetics company. It’s about to change.

At its annual seminar, held recently at the Dallas (Texas) Convention Center, the company unveiled its new award car. It’s not a Cadillac and it’s not pink.
It’s a black Ford Mustang.

“When you think about the little black dress or that favorite mascara that’s black, it’s a fashion color, it has universal appeal, and it’s something we think is a great complement to the pink Cadillac,” said Mary Kay’s Sheryl Adkins.

Sales directors who sell in top tier ($100,000 or greater) will still get the Cadillacs on loan. The independent beauty consultants who reach the sales director level get a two-year lease on the Mustang. The pony will be equipped with leather seats and there will be pink accents to designate the car in relation to the award.

Mary Kay will still loan the famous Cadillacs to sales directors who sell in the top tier of $100,000 a year or more. The Mustang will go to independent beauty consultants who reach the level of sales director. They will get two-year leases on the Mustang, which will have leather seats and pink accessories.