Brightening and whitening an A-body’s gauge pod

Well, I’m getting pretty far along on the hard, dusty trail of a full-blown restoration on my little A-body Barracuda.

Now since a lot of the big work is done, it’s that time where the bits and morsels of the arduous task at hand become more relevant … those smaller effects that make a restoration stand out from the other restifications in the car show parking lot.

The first thing I did was take out the dash frame for a complete restoration, as it was something I could do during the winter months in my little work space. I removed all the plastic bezels for a complete makeover, blasted the frame and polished up all the metal trinkets and knobs that make up a mid-’60s dash setup.

After restoring all the pieces, and coating the frame in a nice blanket of blue, I reassembled the gleaming parts back into their respective places, stood back, and admired my handiwork. But something stood out as just not belonging in my newly-freshened dash set-up. While everything looked new and relevant to a high-end project, the yellowed out numbers on my black-faced gauge clusters stood out like a punk rocker at a James Taylor show. It just didn’t belong.

Heat and UV rays did a number on the original off-white numerals on the speedo, and it also dulled out the print on the smaller gauges as well. And since I was doing more of a resto-mod than a numbers matching gold medal restoration, I felt I could take plenty of liberties with the overall styling of the project at hand.

Luckily, I heard there was an easy fix to this issue that was easy on the pockets as well. Since I was ready to get the cluster and dash back into the car, it also had to be a quick solution.

I called up the guys at and talked to them about redoing my cluster. Luckily, they were just putting the finishing touches on a new set of replacement faces for my ’64 dash setup. The difference in the look of the newly restored dash is mind blowing. Take a look at how it all went down.

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