The sidelines are no place for a true enthusiast

Every family is different and there are literally millions of families that contain at least one automotive enthusiast.

But, when that enthusiasm is shared by more than one family member, it can change the whole dynamic. For Becky and Jeff Greenly, there was so much enthusiasm in their family, that it couldn’t be contained in one vehicle.

Jeff and their son took on the task of restoring an ’85 Corvette that they picked up along the way. Everything was going fine until it came time to show their pride and joy. Each time that they would take the car out and try and enjoy showing it as a family, they came to the realization that the family didn’t fit! Usually, the trip would wind up with Jeff and their son riding in the Corvette with Becky and her son’s fiancé riding in their Trailblazer to the car show.

This went on for a while until it was decided that the “girls needed a car too!” Soon the search was on for a suitable set of wheels that was not only show-worthy, but also equaled the class and beauty of those who would be riding in it. The search ultimately took the Greenlys about 30 miles from their home, where they found this Arctic White ’94 coupe. The car was quite nice and only had 48,500 miles on the odometer. The previous owner had added a few items to dress it up already like the interior trim kit and a different stereo. They decided that day to take it for a ride and two days later, they were riding in it again, on their way to bringing it home.

Once the girls had their own Corvette to cruise around in, there was no way they were going to be shown up by any other members of the same household. Becky began to do a lot of cleaning and polishing up under the hood and for added effect, she swapped out the stock set of wheels and tires for a super-sized set of rollers. Those Gianna (18-inch front/20-inch rear) wheels are wrapped in Yokohama tires and to make the set fit in the generous C4 wheel openings, the suspension was dropped, just a touch, with a lowering kit.

Whether the modifications were made by the Greenly family or the previous owner, the end result is a super-clean C4 that gets the eyes of the judges wherever it goes. To date, they have needed to find room for five trophies from car shows where they have placed in their class, one of which was a first place win. No mention was made as to whether a certain ’85 Corvette might have been competing in the same class.

Either way, with both Corvettes in this truly enthusiastic family, not only can they share in the fun and enjoyment of car shows together, but now, they can also help each other haul home the awards as well!