A Study Guide for 1973-82 Build Records


The first comprehensive and authoritative study guide to 1973-82 Corvette buildsheets

The study guide is coil bound, in an 8.5 x 11” format with 54 pages and 52 color illustrations and detailed tables. Now available for the C3 owner who wants to explore data codes on a C3 build record. Discover 1973-82 build records differ from 1967-72 tank stickers. Learn the 1973-82 buildsheet used at St Louis was the General Motors Assembly Division (GMAD) manifest used in other GMAD

What readers will learn:
1. The only published source that describes the origins of the 1973-82 buildsheet.
2. Shows how to use buildsheet printed scheduling data to reconcile with hand-scrawled, body job numbers
and date codes embossed on the body trim tag.
3. Instructs how to reconcile mechanical and chassis part codes with buildsheet broadcast codes for installed buyer options.

Who Benefits?
The third generation Corvette (C3) owner, collector, hobbyist or buyer who wants to explore Corvette assembly production broadcast codes, learn how those codes were used to tag parts and how the build sheet documented buyer options.

Six chapters cover topics exclusive to 1973-82 build records. Color illustrations match a detailed analysis of build records and shows the reader how to interpret buildsheet data whether its an RPO, broadcast code or retrieving job numbers from schedule data and/or body panels.

Corvette Buildsheet Book: A Study Guide for 1973-82 Build Records
Thomas P. Russo

How to Order?
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