There comes a time in the life of all vehicles when the carpeting begins to show its age. Vacuuming regularly and using mats to protect it certainly does help, but ultimately the carpeting will fray and exhibit wear in exposed areas.

Every time your vehicle is parked outside, the sun punishes it with UV light, causing fading on all exposed surfaces, including the carpeting.

The carpeting in the 1967 Camaro SS was very presentable, considering its age. Removing the carpet mats revealed that the heater core had once leaked. The passenger-side front carpet showed extensive discoloration of the floor area and extreme deterioration of the carpet fibers and backing at the base of the toe board. When we attempted to pull up the passenger-side front carpet for a better look, the jute padding under the carpet had bonded itself to the tar underlayment. In short, it was obvious that while the protected areas were still in good condition, the exposed areas were quite faded and exhibited wear and tear.

Upon removal of the carpeting, we discovered the manufacturer’s tags, identifying them as the original OEM items with product codes, dates and part numbers, confirming that this was the actual carpet set with which the Camaro was born. No matter how original you want to keep your vehicle, at some point, the carpeting will become an eyesore. Inevitably, there comes a time in the life of nearly all collector vehicles when you will need to replace the worn-out carpeting. For our Camaro, that time was now.

We chose new black loop carpeting from YearOne Inc. that is produced using the same 80 percent/20 percent rayon and nylon blend that GM specified for the Camaro when it was new. Like the originals, the carpeting is manufactured in front and back sections and is correct right down to the edge binding, heel pad and 36-ounce jute padding on the underside. The carpeting is pre-formed and fits the contours of the floorpan of the Camaro perfectly, making it easy to install with simple hand tools. When compared, the new and old carpeting looked nearly identical, except, of course, for the vivid contrast in color, to say nothing of the worn areas on the original.

While we were at it, we also decided to replace the tired, dented sill plates and protect the new carpeting with rubber mats, also sourced from YearOne. The sill plates have the correct Fisher Body logo and provided the perfect finishing touch. The Chevrolet Bowtie logo rubber carpet mats are identical to those that were offered by Chevrolet dealers as accessories when the Camaro was brand new.

This was also the perfect time to consider replacing the underlayment. Back when our cherished muscle cars were new, the factory generally used a tar-based material with padding that was glued to the floor of the vehicle. The purpose of the underlayment was to help insulate the vehicle from road noise, quiet the cabin and keep the exhaust heat out. While the tar and padding might have been state of the art 40 or 50 years ago, it’s nothing short of archaic by today’s standards. Advancements in vehicle sound and temperature control have made quantum leaps, relegating the old stuff to the trash bin of history.

Since we were removing the seats, console and carpeting, we decided to upgrade the insulation. The insulation kit we used is manufactured by Quiet Ride Solutions. Its kits are designed on a two-stage acoustical principle that bonds multiple layers of automotive insulation material to the vehicle body panels to minimize noise, vibration, harshness and reduce heat. Each kit is pre-cut for the specific vehicle application and includes detailed instructions along with everything you will need for the installation, with the exception of a scissors or knife. One of the great things about replacing the original insulation with this modern kit from Quiet Ride Solutions is that once it is installed, you cannot see it, but you will appreciate the sound reduction and cooler interior, especially on hot summer days.

Follow along with us as we revitalize the interior of the 1967 Camaro with new OEM type replacement loop carpeting and install insulation that would be right at home in a 2011 Camaro.

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