Showstopping at the Biggest Show

In our line of work, we come across some pretty impressive Mustangs. It is, after all, our job to seek them out. Every once in a great while, we see a truly spectacular example of what a Mustang should be: style, power, speed, sound and more style.

Enter this gorgeous 2010 Mustang GT belonging to Mike Spagnola, president of Street Scene Equipment, manufacturer of automotive performance styling products. Mike is not new to the Mustang scene. The golden nugget shown is his seventh.

Mike purchased this car in July 2009 with the intended purpose of building a SEMA show car to promote the business. Since the SEMA show takes place the first week of November, Mike and his team had only three months to transform this stock 2010 Mustang GT.

At first glance, the outrageous color captures your attention. Mike chose to have the entire car sprayed in Dupont’s Hot Hues Amber Ecstasy with Molten Bronze ghost stripes. L&G Customs in San Dimas, California, did an outstanding job with the paint, considering this Mustang was originally black.

Naturally, Mike threw a Street Scene body kit onto his 2010 GT. It included their front fascia, side skirts, rear valance, three-piece rear wing, window ducts, and side ducts. Going further, the Street Scene center light main grille found its way onto the nose of the car, along with Street Scene’s five-piece black billet lower valance grille kit. The fit and finish from the urethane body components is flawless and entirely changes the demeanor of the Mustang. It looks fast, even while standing still.

To finish the killer look, a set of Giovanna GFG three-piece wheels grace the car. The front fenders are stuffed with 20 x 9.5 wheels while the rear is outfitted with 20 x 10 rims finished in satin black with a raw aluminum lip. Pirelli PZero tires are worn at all four corners; 265/35/ZR20 in front and a steamroller-like 305/35/ZR20 out back.

A car with this much rubber needs a serious suspension under its skin to take full advantage of the road. Ensuring that it stays on track is a H&R adjustable coilover suspension kit, Granatelli Motorsports lower and upper control arm kit, along with Granatelli’s adjustable Panhard rod. Lastly, Granatelli’s front and rear sway bar kit defy the laws of physics while cornering.

Pop the hood and the amazement continues. Front and center is a Vortech V-3 supercharger with Vortech’s Charge Cooler air-to-water aftercooler. The Vortech is set to deliver a cool 10 psi boost pressure into the stock 4.6L SOHC Ford motor. More air requires more fuel. Handling this task is a set of 39-lb fuel injectors and a Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump fuel pump amplifier. Hedman Hedders shorty headers, along with a Magnaflow stainless steel 2½-inch cat-back system usher out the spent concoction of oxygen and petrol. The combination of sound created by the supercharger whistle and exhaust rumble is pure muscle car, exciting the senses and stirring the soul.

Mike entrusted his creation to GTR High Performance to install the Vortech supercharger system and handle the necessary dyno testing and tuning. GTR relied on DiabloSport’s Predator flash tuner to deliver seamless operation. At full song, the 2010 GT belts out 451 rear wheel horsepower and 398 lbs-ft of rear wheel torque on California’s low-fat 91-octane pump gas.

With enough power to shame nearly anything that crosses its path, this stallion knows the importance of being able to stop without any drama. AP Racing handles that task with ease, thanks to its colossal six-piston front brake system. The massive two-piece rotors are cross-drilled and slotted and provide fade-free performance. As fast as this car can accelerate, it can just as quickly decelerate.

Open the door and the interior welcomes you in. Katzkin seat covers add style and substance as they feel as good as they look. Ford Racing custom backlit doorsill plates remind you that this is no ordinary Mustang. DSV Customs’ leather upgrades, along with a custom carbon-fiber steering wheel and dash kit, provide an exotic look and feel normally reserved for cars born in Italy. In-car entertainment is handled courtesy of Polk Audio and was masterfully installed by Audio Innovations in Glendora, California. This car is driven regularly on traffic-congested roads of Southern California, but this interior makes gridlock quite tolerable.

Driving a Mustang of this caliber is a rewarding experience. Everything works exactly as it should: perfectly. All too often, SEMA cars are thrown together in a frenzied haste to meet a deadline and function takes a back seat to aesthetics. A car that drives and looks this awesome makes it as good as gold in our book.