The Best in a Long Line of Mustangs

From Palm Coast, Florida, Don Gress has the best of both worlds. He makes his living as an ASE Master Certified Mechanic and has always enjoyed working on cars. He is also a staunch Mustang fan who has owned more than 40 in his lifetime.

As part of his towing business, Don would buy and restore Mustangs, a process that was a great combination of work, income and fun. His first Mustang, a 1966 289 four-speed that he bought for $300, clearly had an impact. Many years later, he bought his 2008 GT500 brand new, primarily because it reminded him of that original ’66.

For Don, personalizing his cars has always been an essential part of ownership. Once the ’08 was safely in his garage, he began looking for a theme and was intrigued with the Super Snake package offered by Shelby. It didn’t take much research before he had decided to create one of his own. Performance is always at the top of the list, and it became one of the first major upgrades. As you can see from the mod list, the upgrades were numerous.

With virtually every inch of the car modified in some way, Don is proud to say that he has accomplished all the changes himself, assisted by his wife Melissa and her sister Lynne. The car is never trailered and is a regular on the regional show circuit. Although it may seem complete, it might truly never be finished.